Friday, October 14, 2011


Location: Zeena
Surface Temperature: 150 Degrees Fahrenheit

I sit. Squatting in a low ravine. There are high dry winds that make my throat rasp when I speak and my lips pucker when I drink. But I don't need to speak. To speak here is not necessary, for this is no one here but me. Me all alone on this planet. Zeena, it is called.
It is quite different from Mars. Actually, there are quite the same. There are both hot, both dry, both covered in arching mountains and dipping valleys and ravines. The only real difference is the color. Whereas Mars is a beautiful and wholesome red, Zeena is green. A lovely green, an acid green. Dangerous, poison. The one book I have brought along with me is Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. There are poisoned apples in that book. Perhaps I will find them here.
But now I am ranting. It is the heat that is getting to me. I must rest. Remain hydrated until night falls and the temperature drops. But will it drop? This is my first day. I landed this morning. I do not yet know the patterns of this strange new green planet.
I can only hope the sun will set and my burned body will be relieved of this.

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